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Apricot Frangipane Tart

So I've just got home from the gym making this whole project slightly counterproductive but there's alway time for cake, right?

Ever since discovering a few nights ago that I do in fact like marzipan (desperate times call for desperate searching of the cupboards for any chocolate you can find) I've become slightly obsessed and had to bake something almondy and sweet as soon as I could - much to my mum's pleasure.

This is a Mary Berry recipe - my go to goddess- so I knew it would turn out well (it's cooking as I'm typing and I'm wondering if it's worth taking it out early to be able to eat it sooner). It was pretty simple to bake and although I did make the pastry, you could cut this step and by shop bought to make the process even quicker.



175g Plain flour 75g Unsalted butter 25g Caster sugar 1 Egg1tbsp water 
75g Caster sugar75g Unsalted butter (soft)75g Ground almonds2 Eggs1tsp Almond extract 1 1/2 400g Tinned apricot halves

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