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Lemon and Blueberry Cupcakes

A Sunday really doesn't feel complete until some baked goods have been made.
After a lie in, this morning's bake was lemon and blueberry cupcakes - something nice and fresh for a sunny day.

So I'm writing this post during my 3 part journey back to London including a train and bus combo - the joys of planned rail services on a Sunday - and thought it would be a good way to fill up some of the two and a half hours. I have to confess that I'm yet to try one of these cakes (I have brought some with me) but my brother came round this afternoon and ate three so I think they got his approval.

I used my trusted batter recipe and just adapted it slightly to incorporate the lemons and blueberries. I made 12 rather large cupcakes but you could use smaller cases and have these as bite size snacks - they'd keep in the freezer too for a rainy day.

8oz self raising flour8oz caster sugar8oz butter (I used stork margarine)4 eggs1tsp baking powder2 lemons 100g blueberries…

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