About me

Welcome to my Icing On The Cakes blog,

One of my goals for 2014 was to start a baking blog. We're now three days into the New Year and this is my first blog post!
I've always enjoyed baking with my friends and family, and after going on a cupcake decorating course I decided that baking was definitely something that I wanted to take up as a hobby and develop my skills.
Over the last year, my interest in baking and cake decorating has increased and I have been taking on new challenges and coming up with ideas for what cake I should bake next.
Icing On The Cakes will be the place where I can share all the cakes I've made and also include my tips and instructions on decorations.

I got the idea for these cakes from an article on the Telegraph website, I made them for my friends at school as a congratulations for completing their mock drama performances. They didn't last very long!


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