Cool ice cream cake!

This is definitely one of the coolest (literally!) cakes I've ever made! It was a friend's birthday in November and as usual, I'd promised to bake them a cake. I had no inspiration of what to make for them (it needed to be special!) so after searching the internet for what felt like hours, I came across the marvellous creation of the 'dropped ice cream cake'!

This was my outcome! I was told that it was "the best birthday cake ever!".

This cake is a three layered chocolate sponge cake iced with my favourite chocolate icing (see recipes below). I sandwiched each layer together with the chocolate icing and then using the same icing, I iced the top and the sides to give it a finished look before starting the ice cream decoration.


I used my all in one chocolate cake method. (Posted on this blog - and my favourite chocolate icing recipe. (Posted on this blog - 


In order to make the 'ice cream' you need to make a small cupcake (can be made from the same cake mix) and using a knife carve it into a ball with a flat bottom so it can sit on top of the cake and underneath the ice cream come. 

I used a white chocolate ganache to make the melted 'ice cream'. The recipe was from the BBC ( but I divided the quantities by 4 because only a small amount is needed. 

Place your cupcake (which should now be a ball) and place slightly off centre on the top of the cake. Pour over the white chocolate ganache so that it runs down the sides of the cake and then place the ice cream cone on top - make sure you put it on so it's tilting to one side. 

You will see cracks beginning to appear where the cone meets the cake and ganache so I melted a few squares of white chocolate and drizzled them over the gap to build a tighter bond and to cover any gaps. It also helps build a better ice cream affect! 

Sprinkle over a few hundreds and thousands to finish off the look and leave the icing to set before serving. 

Serve and wait for the positive responses you're bound to receive! 


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