Macarons or Macaroons?

This will forever be one of my biggest annoyances, my friends can vouch for this - how can the Great British Bake Off contestants be getting it wrong?!

The lack of knowledge about the difference between a Macaron and a Macaroon annoys me so much that I went to the extent of emailing Graze - the snack company - to tell them that they were incorrectly naming their products. I got a very polite email in return but I never found out whether they got round to making the change.

So, here's the difference;

A macaron is commonly mistaken for a macaroon but they are not the same.
The both names derive from the Italian word ammaccare - which means to crush - but a macaron is a meringue based cookie mixed with almond flour and granulated sugar and the filled with a butter cream or ganache, often very brightly coloured too. The macaron has a nougat-like texture with a crunchy shell and gooey interior.
The macaroon on the other hand, is much more cake like. Also composed of egg whites, the macaroon is coconut based as opposed to almond and is much more dense than a macaron as well as being less of a phenomenal trend in the baking world.

If the difference is still unclear, then perhaps this will help too;



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