Rolo Cake

So this is the year that all the 18th birthday's are taking place - meaning a year of even higher standards for birthday cakes.

This chocolate Rolo cake is for a friends party where I have been challenged to a bake off so I knew I had to pull out all the stops. Despite looking like a showstopper, this was relatively easy and hassle free to make; making it the perfect cake to impress!

The recipe originated from BBC Good Food however after lots of Googling, I just used the design for inspiration and stuck to my own recipes.

For the cake; 

I used my everyday cake recipe (the chocolate variety) - the method and ingredients can be found here;

To make a slightly bigger cake - this needs to feed about 20 - I changed the quantities to 10oZ and used 5 eggs in order to fill three 8inch cake tins as opposed to 7inch as the recipe states.

To decorate;

Here I used my 'perfect chocolate icing' recipe to give the cake a fudgey texture.

To cover and fill three 8inch cakes, I doubled the quantities given in the recipe above.

Other ingredients;

  • One can of Carnation Caramel 
  • 4 tubes of Rolo's 
  • 2/3 packs of chocolate fingers - I used a mixture of ordinary and salted caramel crunch (KitKats and Mikado work well too)

Once the cakes have completely cooled - I left mine overnight - make the chocolate icing and give it enough time to cool and thicken so the cakes don't move around.
The first and second layers of this cake were sandwiched with the Carnation caramel - leave a little to the side for the top of the cake - and the others with the chocolate fudge icing but this is something you can change depending on preference.
Make sure the sides and top are completely covered and the cake has an even finish.

After the cake is iced, you can then start to put the chocolate fingers around the outside - this can be quite fiddley so ensure you leave a little of the chocolate icing spare to help stick them down if the cake is setting. As soon as they were surrounding the cake - surprisingly they fitted perfectly - I tied some gold ribbon around to keep them in place and make the cake look a little extra special.
Now it's time to distribute the Rolo's over the top of the cake; I'd seen some pictures where they had been evenly placed in a neat pattern but I decided to scatter mine randomly. It's best if they're kept in the fridge before hand so they don't melt too much when you're handling them.
Once you're happy with the Rolo's, it's time to finish the cake. Place a small amount of the caramel in the microwave for 10 seconds just to loosen it up a little and then pour over the top of the Rolo's - again this can be done neatly but I didn't take this approach!

The cake is done and would look great with a fountain sparkler for a birthday - unfortunately not being 18 myself prevented me from buying one! Although definitely not a cake for calorie counting, it is one that is sure to impress - and hopefully win me this bake off!

Happy baking,


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