21st Birthday Celebrations

Only shortly after Christmas falls the birthday of my Brother's girlfriend, and this year it was her 21st - meaning some high quality celebrations were in order.
A couple of days prior to her birthday, we decided to host a birthday brunch - who doesn't love pancakes?? - and I was also in charge of her birthday cake!

If anybody knows me well, they know that I love an aesthetically pleasing table filled with loads of food worthy of picturing so the birthday brunch was the prime opportunity!
The brunch was made up of American style pancakes, fresh berries, bacon, maple and blueberry syrup as well as the addition of a few bellinis - it was a birthday after all!

To make the pancakes I followed a highly trusted recipe which I use time and time again and can be found here - http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2282644/american-style-pancakes - and they are SO good.

So, pick a colour theme, buy a few pompom decorations, add a sparkler to the food and there's the perfect birthday brunch!

For the cake, Joe asked me to make it special so I immediately knew what had to be made again - the anti-gravity cake. I used the same recipe and method as I did for Scarlett's birthday in May - http://icingonthecakes.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/anti-gravity-birthday-cake.html - but changed the decoration slightly.
Previously I had used peanut M&Ms but they were way too heavy and kept falling off, so I decided this time that Smarties would be the safer bet and they worked a treat.
Instead of pooling the chocolate on the cake, I made a '21' out of the Smarties but made sure that the bag looked like it had poured the number.
I gave my brother another ice fountain for the top of the cake and delivered it in one piece to the restaurant they were having dinner in - I think it was very well received!

There you have it, a great guide to great birthday celebrations!


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